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    Back in Holland – What happened?

    Holland AnniewhereIgo

    Exactly one year ago, while Holland was celebrating the King’s birthday, I left everything behind in order to fulfil my biggest dream: live and work in New Zealand. That day, I said goodbye to my loved ones, not knowing when we would see each other again. Well, one thing I never imagined to happen is, that I would be separated from them for such a long time and actually achieving the goals I defined before I started this journey. But I also didn’t expect to be back in Holland around the same time one year later, not having my own place to live anymore, all my belongings stored in boxes, waiting for the completion of my very first house.  Continue Reading

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    Back on track

    Since I receive more and more concerning messages, whether I’m still alive, it must be time for an update. Yes guys, hereby I declare myself alive and kicking, meaning I’m finally…

  • The bad luck continues AnniewhereIgo
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    The bad luck continues

    As if I already haven’t had enough bad luck, yet it strikes again. Anyone who’s following me on social media might have noticed that I had a little accident this week.…

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    Friday Favourites #6

    It’s finally Friday, which means the week is almost over. And you know what? I’m kind of glad that I can leave those last couple of days behind. It just wasn’t…

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    Friday Favourites #5

    Every day I stumble across new and interesting things here in Auckland, that I’d like to share with you. This Friday, I’m also looking ahead to a very exciting event on…