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1 Month in Auckland – The Recap

1MonthInAuckland AnniewhereIgo

It’s June! A fresh new month with hopefully heaps of new opportunities. At the same time, the beginning of June marks the end of my very first month in Auckland as well. So, it’s time for a short recap. What are the things that I still like? And what about the things I don’t like? Has Auckland changed since the last time I’ve been here? Definitely yes, but also no. To give you an impression, I’ll sum up the things I’ve noticed until now.

Things I like

Ok, lets face the truth, Auckland has changed, and still does. You have probably no idea when you’re from overseas, but when you follow the daily news, you will see that there’s a lot going on at the moment. Just to mention Auckland’s insane housing market and the ongoing problems when it comes to the infrastructure. All Aucklanders seem to be affected, thus, me too. It’s not my task to discuss those issues here, but if you intend on living in Auckland, you need to be prepared. So, I might elaborate on this later on, but for now, let’s look on the bright side that the City of Sails has to offer.

  • Auckland has heaps of green spaces, which is great. There’s always a park nearby where you can enjoy being outside.
  • There are free public toilets everywhere. For someone like me, who’s always in search of a toilet, it’s just great. Ok, they’re not always the cleanest, but still. Definitely something Europe can learn from!
  • The same goes for water stations. You’ll always find a tap to refill your bottle, so no need to buy overpriced water when you’re thirsty or when you’re out for a run.
  • You’ll find changing rooms, showers and BBQ-areas at the beaches.
  • Farmers Markets!
  • Even though Auckland doesn’t have many museums, there’s always an interesting cultural festival or event going on, so no need to get bored. Have a look here, for more information. Currently, the Auckland Festival of Photography is on, which I’ll pay a visit soon!
  • The food scene is simply awesome! Thanks to all the different migrants, you’ll be able to find the most delicious food stalls and restaurants for reasonable prices. Especially the Asian restaurants are my favourites. It’s sometimes cheaper to go out for dinner, than cooking yourself.
  • Public common spaces:

1MonthInAuckland AnniewhereIgo

1MonthInAuckland AnniewhereIgo

1MonthInAuckland AnniewhereIgo

  • Huge supermarkets. Especially when you’re from Holland, you’ll appreciate this. The downside, however, is that you’ll have to buy a lot of supersized packages. If you’re looking for icing sugar, for example, you have to buy 1 kg at once. Well, the good thing about this: you won’t have to buy any icing sugar for the next 10 years.
  • Very friendly Kiwi’s – always in for a chat.
  • Heaps of running events throughout the year. Have a look at the running calendar.

Things I don’t like

Unfortunately, there’re also things I don’t like here in Auckland. And yeah, some things have even changed into worse.

  • Traffic has gotten really bad.
  • Public transport still hasn’t improved. Although they’re working on that issue in order to improve the current situation. However, this results in many construction sites around the city – not so pretty.
  • When you don’t own a car, like me, it’s kinda hard to get anywhere. So yeah, I’m pretty stuck to the city centre, which is a shame, since there’re so many beautiful places around Auckland.
  • You still have to take either a taxi, shuttle or a SkyBus from the airport to the city. Which is totally fine, wouldn’t it take you so long and there’s also a price tag… Click here and here for the cheapest options.
  • Biking can be quite dangerous. Still haven’t tried it though.
  • As a pedestrian, you have actually no rights. Always remember that. You can better wait for the cars to pass by, it might save your life.
  • Groceries have gotten even more expensive. It’s truly insane how much I spend on my daily needs. I wonder how everyone else is coping, since the wages are disproportionate.
  • The same goes for the rents. No wonder that there’re many homeless people.
  • The property market is booming, they’re building everywhere. In fact, at the moment you could also call Auckland the City of Cranes.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that Aucklanders are pretty attached to their cars. They also like to show off with it – the bigger and noisier, the better. That means, you won’t find many hybrids on the streets. Besides, the usage of plastic bags in supermarkets is insane. So, when it comes to environmental consciousness, there’s still a lot to improve. Anyway, I just love this city and I feel very pleased to live here. What the future will bring? I don’t know yet. For the biggest part, it will depend on whether I find a job soon. In case you’re curious about my job hunting experience so far, please let me know in the comments and I might dedicate a topic on that.

Have you ever been to Auckland before? Or are you living here? What are the things that you have noticed? I would love to hear about your experiences!


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