About me

Annie Anniewhere I go

Hi there!

So where do I have to start? Writing about myself or about my daily adventures is certainly not in my nature, since I don’t like to expose myself into the public. Yet, I’m sitting here behind my laptop doing it anyway. You might think: why?

Between Germany and the Netherlands

Let’s start from the beginning first, and let me give you a little background on who I am and why I’ve chosen to start this blog. I’m Anna, a German Dutchie, who loves to run, eat, travel and who is especially interested in exploring different cultures. The first part of my 28 year-young life growing up in Germany and the second part in the Netherlands, not only enabled me to speak two languages fluently – which is quite a benefit I can tell you – but also brought me up in two cultures, which definitely influenced me in many ways (hopefully mainly positive), and widened my horizon as well.

As far back as I can remember I was always interested in countries far away when I was a little girl. No wonder that I’d planned my first travel adventures as soon as I was old enough to explore the world all by myself. It all started with youth travel programs to the UK and Italy, followed by travelling to South Africa a few years later. From then on, I was infected with the travel-fever. The feeling of experiencing different cultures, and to open myself to the unknown, was something I felt very comfortable and happy with. Many travel adventures followed.

Love at first sight…

A few years ago, I decided to study Cultural Anthropology. Being interested in migration issues, my study brought me to New Zealand, a country I was always very keen to visit and intrigued by. Not only because of the geographical distance to Europe and its migration history, but also because of the magnificent scenery I’ve heard of and the so called Kiwi-lifestyle. So, a dream came true, and the thing I was already afraid of from the beginning happened – I fell in love with New Zealand.

While in New Zealand, I deepened my interest in a healthy lifestyle and became more enthusiastic about running. After having spent a few months in Auckland, it was time to go home to finish my Masters and find a job. Easier said, than done. Finding a job became a huge struggle. Along the way, running was a real lifesaver, I can tell. I became very much aware, that I needed something to ventilate during my daily life, and running did its job! As you might know, an active lifestyle goes hand in hand with good nutrition. So I was getting more focused on healthy food options as well, in order to enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle.

During my quest on finding the right balance, one thing, however, was still on my mind and kept distracting me from making decisions within my life – privately as well as professionally. I felt that I needed to go back to New Zealand one day, but when? So the moment came, by certain circumstances, and here I am, the start of a new adventure, following my dream.

The beginning of a new start!

After three years back in Holland, I’m starting this blog in order to share my story. I will follow my heart by travelling, or should I say moving, to New Zealand. Once again, embracing the unknown. Along the way, I’ll write about all the ups and downs I’ll be facing, nice things I’ll come across and hopefully by means of this platform, I’ll be able to give you some insights into migration, since I know that a lot of young adults, like me, are dreaming of it or consider doing it as well. Through sharing my story on this blog I hope to give you some inspiration or motivation to eventually follow your dreams, too. Or just to have a fun or relaxing moment of reading, following me Anniewhere I go, as simple as that. Enjoy reading!

For questions, queries and suggestions, contact me: annie@anniewhereigo.com