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Back in Holland – What happened?

Holland AnniewhereIgo

Exactly one year ago, while Holland was celebrating the King’s birthday, I left everything behind in order to fulfil my biggest dream: live and work in New Zealand. That day, I said goodbye to my loved ones, not knowing when we would see each other again. Well, one thing I never imagined to happen is, that I would be separated from them for such a long time and actually achieving the goals I defined before I started this journey. But I also didn’t expect to be back in Holland around the same time one year later, not having my own place to live anymore, all my belongings stored in boxes, waiting for the completion of my very first house. 

What happened?

This question I also ask myself quite often. Where has the time gone? Why on earth did I give up my dream? Wait, did I actually give up my dream? I guess my brain is still processing all the experiences and changes that have happened in the past year. To be honest, the transition from my settled life in Auckland, to a new start in Holland with uncertainties again, isn’t easy (and this is an understatement).

Let me take you back to last year’s summer. During that period, I had no idea whether, or how long, I would be able to stay in New Zealand. It all depended on how quickly I would find a job. As I mentioned in previous posts, living in New Zealand, and Auckland in particular, is very expensive. Although, I loved focussing on the blog the first months and mostly enjoying everything the city had to offer, I knew this lifestyle wasn’t maintainable forever. Luckily, in August I finally found a job in one of Auckland’s most well-known institutions: the Auckland War Memorial Museum. A dream came true! From that moment on, all my energy went into building up a life there (on a professional and social level), knowing that I would spend an undefined period in Auckland. As a result, my blog started to die out slowly. Not because I didn’t want to write about my adventures anymore, but simply because of the lack of time. Getting into a new job and building up a life all by yourself is a lot to take in. Not to speak about how this affects your home front and how it basically asks all of your resources.

The latter partly explains why I decided to go back to Holland. You must know, I really do love Auckland and I actually succeeded to build up something, which I never thought would happen in the first place. But then there are other factors that influence your choices and feelings, you can’t always foresee. What seems to be easy in theory, can be totally the opposite in practice. I know, it sounds really abstract, but I’m sure some of you understand what I try to say here. Fact is, the decision to leave Auckland hasn’t been easy for me, but it was me who made that decision. No one forced me. Whether it was the right decision or not, doesn’t matter. I will have to deal with the consequences anyway, positive or negative. I’m sure, new things will come onto my path. And hey, co-owning my very first house is pretty exciting as well (is this my head or heart speaking?). Gosh, I miss Auckland so badly!

1 year later

Today, 27th of April, the day my adventure began, is an important milestone for me and gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past year. Many memories and many experiences richer, that I’d love to share with you. From my temporary home in the upper north of Holland (how on earth did I end up here?), I will continue doing this. Watch this space!

Back in Holland AnniewhereIgo

Oh, did I actually say how exciting it is to come out of autumn right into spring time? Although, at the moment, autumn in Auckland seems to be a lot better than spring in Holland…just saying.

Happy spring anyway! And happy King’s day y’all!


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