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Back on track AnniewhereIgo

Since I receive more and more concerning messages, whether I’m still alive, it must be time for an update. Yes guys, hereby I declare myself alive and kicking, meaning I’m finally back on track. My sincere apologies for the absence lately! Even though I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, I still want to give you a little inside on the cause of my absence.

As a loyal reader of my blog, you already knew about my first SUP attempt and how this adventure ended. Yes, there was something with my toe… In my last post I was hoping to be up and running again within one week. This should have been 4 weeks ago by now, but I just started slowly to run again. The reason? It turned out that I wasn’t ready to fully train yet and I didn’t want to risk any new injuries. Therefore, I took it slow – real slow. And as you all might know, once you’re out of your routine, it’s hard to get back on track. The same happened to me. On top of that, I had to deal with a sad loss, which I won’t discuss more into detail here. But at times like that, you suddenly realise how hard it is not being able to support your loved ones when it’s needed. So, after being out of the running for the last couple of weeks, taking the rest I was longing for, I eventually decided that it was time to get active again. Last Friday, with a lot of willpower, I finally clocked k’s again. And it felt good.

This all doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting home all day lately. No, far from that. Even though I faced some limitations, I managed to explore more beautiful spots in and around Auckland, which I can’t wait to share with you. Beside, you can expect new running updates – it also reminds me that the North Shore Half Marathon is coming closer, gosh, time is flying – and I’ve got a lot of training to catch up on. Thus, enough reasons to stay tuned!

Happy Friday you all!


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