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The bad luck continues

The bad luck continues AnniewhereIgo

As if I already haven’t had enough bad luck, yet it strikes again. Anyone who’s following me on social media might have noticed that I had a little accident this week. Instead of recovering from my ankle injury, some higher power apparently decided to take it a step further. So right now, not only my right ankle is injured, but also my big toe on the same side. Happy days!

First time Stand Up Paddling

It all started with a spontaneous invitation of my landlord to go out supping with him. Since he is a really good surfer – for the evidence, there are all sorts of surfboards exposed through the house – I was really happy to get this opportunity and learn from a pro. Even though the conditions on Tuesday weren’t the best, as there was a lot of wind which caused waves, I was really keen to go on the water and give it a try. Considering those circumstances, I actually did quite well and really enjoyed being on the board. I even managed not to fall into the water. So far, so good. When we were drifting further away with the wind, however, it would have been too hard for me to paddle back to the point we started, so we decided to get on shore somewhere else.

And then it went wrong

Looking back on what happened, this was probably not a good decision. As a beginner, you’re not that stable on a board as someone who already surfs for decades. Sounds logical, right? This in combination with wavy water and an uneven, rocky shore to get on, screams for troubles. And so it did. When trying to get from the board onto the shore I slipped somehow and lost my balance. Thereby I smashed my foot on a rock under water. First, it didn’t even hurt that much and I was lucky that I didn’t cut myself. After that, we managed to find our way out of the bush and walked back with the boards. Once sitting in the car again, my big toe really began to hurt though and I knew it wouldn’t be any good…

Hitting bottom again

After seeing a doctor the following day, I now know that I’ve got a little fracture in my big toe and one big bruise. Fortunately, nothing major, but I still have to rest until I don’t feel the pain anymore. Moreover, I’m certainly not going to push things now, because I can’t have any other injury on top of that. I just want to feel better as soon as possible in order to run again. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I’ve got all the injuries on the same leg, but at least I’m now forced to rest my ankle as well. The next couple of days – hopefully not weeks – will probably be challenging. I think this will be even harder than any physical exercise. I hate not be able to work out, sitting still all day doing nothing. And I’m even more afraid to start all over again when it comes to my training. Of course, this won’t be the case, but I was just so happy with the progress I’ve booked since I’m in Auckland. Now, I have no idea how the injuries will affect my performance. And this aspect really freaks me out. All I can do is wait? It seems like I don’t have a choice.

In search for distraction

So what to do in the meantime? Since yesterday, Netflix has become my next best friend. I’m so glad that there’s a new season of Orange is the new Black – the timing could have been worse. But honestly, after watching two episodes in a row, I already kind of had enough. Especially when I feel the urge to move and want to get out of the house. Today I went out to get groceries – highlight of the day! But not an easy task, I can tell, when you first have to climb a mountain in order to get to the supermarket. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit here, but I’ve made it. Furthermore, I’m really glad with the company of my flatmates, they’re a great help. Despite of that, I just miss running… You can really tell that it affects my mood. My sincere apologies for everyone around me! I guess, for the upcoming week I’ll just have to see from day to day how the healing process goes. Hopefully, I’ll be up and running by next week. No bad luck for this girl anymore – end of story!


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    Using Annieca already? Get Well soon belezza!!

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