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Running with the Nike+ Club in Auckland

Running Auckland by night AnniewhereIgo

Last Wednesday I went downtown to Britomart – where Aucklands major transportation hub is located – to join the Nike+ Run Club for an evening run. I already knew about their weekly running activities since I joined them before and kept following the Club ever since. I figured out that they still run every Wednesday at 18:00 and thought it would be a good way to get back on track and to meet some new people. So, I signed up online with my Nike+ account and decided to go for the 10k that evening. Continue Reading


Race report: Half Marathon of Den Helder

DeHalveVanDenHelder 2016 AnniewhereIgo

I hear you thinking ‘Den What’? Is that a place or a city? And where is it located? In case you never heard of Den Helder before – and I can’t blame you for that if you don’t live in Holland – it’s a town located beside the coast in the Upper Northwest of Holland, about 1,5-hour drive away from where I live. Last Sunday, the yearly half marathon event of Den Helder was held, and I decided very last minute to participate. I knew, that it would be the last chance to participate in a race before heading to New Zealand, so I thought, why not. Moreover, it was also a nice opportunity to test my training results so far. And I can tell you, a test it was, for sure!

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My running story part II

Running 20vanAlphen AnniewhereIgo

Last week I came back from a 30-minute easy afternoon run. Or at least, that’s what my scheme calls it. Yes, the pace was easy indeed, but the weather circumstances made it a challenging one. Before I went outside I already noticed that it was raining. But hey, a little rain doesn’t kill anyone, right? So, I prepared myself to get wet. Continue Reading


Retrospect: The beginnings of my running story

Running Annie Anniewhere I go

I love running! It makes me clear my mind, let me feel free, challenges my body and gets me into the outdoors. Sometimes, a day not running feels like a day not having lived. But this wasn’t always the case, trust me. When I look 10 years back from now, I didn’t practice any sports at all. In fact, I hated sports.

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