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Travelling to New Zealand: About the flights

Flight above Holland AnniewhereIgo

That travelling to the other end of the world – at least from a European perspective – isn’t just all about fun, already emerged from my previous post. Not only is it distance wise a huge end to travel to New Zealand, but it also comes with unexpected annoyances, you would never think of before. But luckily you’ve got me on your side, to warn you about these things and to protect you from making the same mistakes. Happy days! Continue Reading

New Zealand Travel

The countdown has started!

Aircraft Anniewhere I go

I just came back from a little goodbye tour for family and friends in Germany. The reason? I finally booked my flight to Auckland: 27th of April it is! On that day, we celebrate Kingsday in Holland, but this is certainly not the reason why I chose that exact date. In fact, I will miss out Holland’s greatest national party. Continue Reading

New Zealand Travel

Let’s talk about: My Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa Anniewhere I go

With the announcement that I’m leaving Holland, a lot of people asked me for how long exactly? A few months? A few years? Forever? Quickly followed by the question: this is only temporary, right? Don’t worry guys; I can reassure you that it’s far from easy to obtain a New Zealand residence permit. Or in other words: for most foreigners it’s almost impossible to stay in New Zealand forever. So, I have to disappoint you. You’ll probably see me back sooner than you wish.

Continue Reading