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Friday Favourites #1

Mount Eden Auckland AnniewhereIgo

Every day I stumble across new and interesting things here in Auckland. So, I thought it would be time to collect all my new discoveries and share them along with you. Welcome to my new weekly blog topic: Friday Favourites! To start off, here’s a list of this week’s favourites…

Favourite Stroll – Mount Eden

Mount Eden summit AnniewhereIgo

View from Mount Eden AnniewhereIgo

I already knew that this is one of the most beautiful spots here in Auckland. But this week, it has been confirmed once again. With the height of 196 metres, the top of Mount Eden is Auckland’s highest natural point. This dormant volcano, also called Maungawhau in Maori, offers spectacular views over the city, Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto. You can probably imagine that I just love this place. Certainly a must-visit when in Auckland and a nice spot to exercise as well!

Favourite Night – Norwegian dinner with my flatmates

Norwegian dinner AnniewhereIgo Norwegian pancakes AnniewhereIgo
One of my flatmates is from Norway. On Tuesday, she invited us for a typical Norwegian dinner, which I found a very nice idea of hers. And since I’m a huge lover of all kinds of food, I was very curious about what she would cook us. We started with herring on knäckebröd, followed by rice pudding and pancakes with either Norwegian cheese or sweet toppings, like warm red fruits and ice-cream. I just loved it all. The Norwegian cheese was totally new to me, and it turned out to be very tasty, too. Apparently, I had to travel all the way to New Zealand in order to taste some Norwegian food, who would have thought so. Moreover, it was above all a cosy night together with my flatties. I’m already looking forward to the next international dinner!

Favourite Run – Nike+ Run Club

Britomart Auckland AnniewhereIgo

On Wednesday I joined the Nike+ Run Club for yet another 10k run. This week’s course was set out along Tamaki Drive, which is situated just right along the coast towards Mission Bay. At daytime, this is a very nice route to walk, with beautiful views included. However, that night it was already dark of course, and it started to rain. During our run, the rain got heavier and heavier, to a point that I got totally soaked and my feet began to slip within my shoes. Very annoying! On top of that, I couldn’t see the puddles anymore – yes, it was really dark and the water reflected the headlights of passing cars – resulting in running through ankle-high water every now and then. Despite these circumstances, I just loved the run! It really made me feel alive and I enjoyed every second of it – ok, maybe not so much the slippery feet part, to be completely honest. Bottom-line; never let your run depend on the weather circumstances, it can be a great one in the end! 

Favourite Tour – Free Walking Tour Auckland

Walking Tour Auckland AnniewhereIgo

First I thought it wouldn’t be that interesting, but I wanted to give it a try. And yes, I have to admit that the Free Walking Tour through Auckland is certainly worth doing. In 2,5-3 hours, our quirky tour guide, Alex, took us to interesting places around Auckland’s CBD. She gave us a lot of inside tips and took the time to answer everyone’s questions. During the walk, I learned a lot of new stuff, especially about Auckland’s history that I didn’t know before. Since the tour starts daily at 10:30, I would definitely recommend joining it when you’re in Auckland. It’s a nice way to get introduced to the city.

Favourite Food – The Unbakery
 Unbakery cake AnniewhereIgo

I’ve already heard a lot about The Unbakery in Auckland. I even followed their yummy-looking Instagram account back in Holland for quite a while. With every picture they posted, I got more excited about actually tasting their food myself. You can already guess, of course I had to try this delicious looking stuff as soon as possible. And so I did! I bought myself a very tasty breakfast wrap (sorry, I forgot to take a picture, I was just so hungry and before I knew, it was already gone) and a coconut-ginger cake for takeaway. I can say now, that it not only looks delicious, but also tastes great! And it’s even healthy. It’s made from solely natural products, and as their company name already suggests, everything is unbaked; win-win! I can’t wait to try more of it… Although, I will have to save some money first, because it’s certainly not cheap.

Happy Friday, it’s almost weekend!


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