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Only less than a week until my departure

Auckland AnniewhereIgo

With only less than a week left until my departure to New Zealand, nerves are kicking in. On a scale from 1 to 10, my stress-level probably scores a 9 at the moment, or even a 10. My head seriously feels like it could explode every single second. Too many thoughts and emotions going on. Am I ready to go? Not sure. Am I looking forward to heading to New Zealand? The answer is yes, and no. One part of me can’t wait to get there, but another part of me feels a bit reserved, not knowing what to expect from my journey. I’ve definitely got mixed feelings all over.

Street Auckland AnniewhereIgo

My former street in Grey Lynn

I try to focus on the things I still have to organise and try to narrow down my to-do list, in order to create a little more space in my head. One of the things I had to arrange yet, is to find a place to live in Auckland. I’m very relieved that I managed to do so. For the upcoming period I will be renting a room within the same house I stayed 3 years ago. The place is located in Auckland’s suburb Grey Lynn, situated only a few bus stops away from the CBD and also not far from nice parks, beaches and other convenient facilities. Thus, the ideal location from where to explore Auckland.

How to find a place to live?

Finding a place to live within Auckland isn’t easy, though. The options are very limited and since there is a high demand on housing, the costs are rising every year. Fortunately, websites like Trade Me and EasyRoommate are a great aid to help you finding a nice place to live. There you can search either on your budget, city, suburb or whether you want to share a home with someone else. I would also recommend to always arrange a viewing first, before choosing your new home. Sometimes, the pictures on the Internet can be a bit distorted. Besides, it’s better to have a look on the location itself in order to avoid any disappointments later on.

NZ bank account & IRD number

The only thing I haven’t arranged yet, is opening a New Zealand bank account. With most banks in New Zealand, you can open an account only in person, so I guess I will do that once I’m there. Eventually, this will enable me to apply for an IRD number for tax purposes. Everyone who wants to work in New Zealand is in need of this number. However, the information I was given on my Working Holiday Visa (WHV), conflicts with the information provided by Inland Revenue. My WHV states that I will need an IRD number in order to open a New Zealand bank account. This in contrast to the IRD number application form, which says that I must provide a proof of my New Zealand bank account. As you can imagine, the information is very conflicting and certainly confusing. But I have to deal with it, one way or another. Once I’ve found a way to work around, I will share my experiences with you, no worries.

Almost time to say goodbye…

So, what am I going to do the next few days? Except of being totally stressed out, arranging the last administrative things, going out for a relaxing run, spending time with my boyfriend, and not to forget; packing all my stuff, I still have 4 more dates to go with friends and family. Busy times ahead, if you consider the amount of days I got left. Therefore, I’m not sure whether I will be able to post a last update before my departure next week, but at least I will try to do so.


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