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Let’s talk about: The change of season

TheChangeOfSeason AnniewhereIgo

A few weeks ago, when I left Holland to start my adventure in New Zealand, I was pretty much aware of the fact that I would be transiting from the spring season back home into autumn – or even worse – winter in New Zealand. Since I never experienced the autumn or winter season in New Zealand before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I looked up some information about the weather on the Internet, and also got some warning e-mails from my landlord lady, in which she reminded me several times to bring warm clothes – a bit concerning to be honest, since I knew that they don’t have central heating in the house. But more importantly, I was also curious about how my body would adapt to the change of season.

Transition from Spring to Autumn

TheChangeOfSeason AnniewhereIgo

In case you’ve followed me for a while now, you must have noticed that I’ve been very lucky when it comes to arriving into the autumn season in New Zealand. I actually couldn’t complain at all. The first 2 weeks here in Auckland have been almost totally dry with lots of sunshine and 20+ degrees. Only a few showers here and there, but nothing major. When I watched the weather forecast, I soon realised that this must be very unusual for the time of the year. With all the advertisements on the streets that ‘winter is coming’, I thought they were kidding. Seriously, 20+ degrees and winter is coming??? Moreover, I even heard that people were feeling a bit under the weather. However, for me it was just a big plus to finally feel some sunshine on my skin, and it certainly didn’t feel like transiting from spring into autumn. It felt much more like spring was just getting started, and therefore very natural to my (inner)biological clock.

TheChangeOfSeason AnniewhereIgoEnd of Daylight Saving Time

At the moment, the sun sets at 17:30, which means that it’s totally dark by 18:00. Thus, with the end of daylight saving time, I can’t deny anymore that winter is on its way. Back in Holland, I was very happy that the days were finally becoming longer. It always makes me feel more energetic and it really feels like you can do so much more on a day. Now I’m here in Auckland, I suddenly have to plan again when I’m going out for a run, which is very annoying. Unfortunately, no late night runs for me anymore… I can also feel that I’m getting more tired in the evenings than before. So yeah, it first felt like coming into an amazing spring, but I’m slowly realising that it’s not.

The well-known Westerlies 

TheChangeOfSeason AnniewhereIgoLast week has proved that it’s certainly autumn in Auckland. The deciduous trees become more and more visible – so weird, since I was enjoying the tulip fields only a few weeks ago. Also, the arrival of the westerlies is a fact, which means a lot of wind and heavy showers during the day. When I wake up in the morning, it can be very cold in the house now. The same goes for the nights. Sometimes, it even feels like being outside is more pleasant than being in the house. My landlord even prepares dinner in her down jacket and wears socks when she has her jandals on, which I find quite amusing. It’s like camping in your own home, but also very Kiwi-style. However, I’m surprised how warm it gets once the sun is out. I still can easily wear shorts during the day.

So far, I have manged somehow to adapt my body to the autumn season. As long as there’s still a lot of sunshine during the day, I can easily handle the transition. The current autumn colours and leaves on the streets are also very pretty to see. I wonder, however, when winter is ‘really’ coming. Will I be able to handle the cold without central heating and any isolation in the house at all? I guess, the upcoming months will tell. Anyhow, I already know, that I will be very jealous of everyone in Europe who will be enjoying the long summer nights soon – I have always been a summer girl, can’t help it.

So, if you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, don’t forget about the change of season. Visiting New Zealand at the beginning of the year would definitely be a great European winter escape!


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