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Monday Motivation #1

Monday Motivation AnniewhereIgo

Since my last post about the Half Marathon of Den Helder, and my posts about the Nike+ Run Club in Auckland, I haven’t really written about my running training lately. The reason? To be honest, there is no ‘real’ reason, accept that I still haven’t resumed my training scheme for the half marathon and I haven’t found the right routine yet. This is not only because I had to settle down first here in Auckland, and get used to the environment again. No, it’s also because I have a lot on my mind at the moment, which causes a lack of focus, and I still haven’t found a goal to train for. Despite all of that, my running is going surprisingly well. It’s time for some Monday motivation!

Yesterday’s Run

Monday Motivation AnniewhereIgo

Tamaki Drive

Monday Motivation AnniewhereIgo

City view from Tamaki Drive

Yesterday I planned to go out for a long run, and since the weather forecast seemed to be quite good, I just went for it. Considering that I haven’t run further than 11k since my arrival in Auckland, I wanted to beat that distance. With that goal in mind, I started off with a slow pace and went down towards Tamaki Drive – the coastal route I ran before. I’ve chosen to run that flat course again, so I wouldn’t overdo the running and push myself to the limit.

During my run, I realised that I automatically speeded up, which felt very comfortable. Even my breathing was light – kind of unusual in my case. I wondered what could have caused this. Somehow, last week I’ve managed to run with more ease and I don’t know why. Ok, I’ve been walking a lot for the last 2 weeks (sometimes even more than 20k on a day), but I didn’t run as often as I usually would. Moreover, the air here in New Zealand is more humid than in Holland, and normally, I wouldn’t perform well under those circumstances. So, I honestly can’t explain why I suddenly would perform better. If someone got a theory, please let me know!

Fast paced 17k

Monday Motivation AnniewhereIgo

While I continued to follow the coastline, I decided to turn around at 10k. Along the way I stopped to drink some water at one ofMonday Motivation AnniewhereIgo the free drinking stations. It’s really a benefit, that you can find these drinking stations almost everywhere around Auckland! No need to take a water bottle with you. However, I didn’t take any food with me – unfortunately no free food stations around yet, what a bummer! – so I thought it would be better to stop running at 17k. When I reached that number just before the harbour, I was totally surprised that I managed to run those 17k with so much ease. Was there something wrong with the GPS maybe? I have no idea. I wish to believe that the GPS in my watch is just working fine, and it’s me who’s running faster. Anyhow, yesterday’s run gave me a huge dose of motivation and confidence. At the end of my run, I bought myself a tasty smoothie, just what I needed and well deserved. I definitely could get used to this!

Defining a Goal

I think for now, I will continue with running whenever I feel like; listening to my body, without forcing anything. Hopefully, my uplifting phase will stay then for a bit longer. It gives me such a motivation boost. But at the same time, I would love to get back into a routine. It would be nice to continue with my training scheme by the end of this month. And then there’s a goal – in the sense of a race – I need to define. Of course, I’ve already looked into some races… And of course, there’s one in particular I would love to run, and one particular distance. You could name it the Holy Grail. But I’m still in doubt whether I should go for it or not. I know it’s mean, but I can’t reveal it now, because I haven’t decided yet. It also depends on the progression I’ll hopefully book within the upcoming weeks. And maybe, I’m just too confident at the moment and I will change my intention therefore. I don’t know. In any case, at some point I will have to decide, and when that time comes, I will let you know. Until then, I will keep you posted about my weekly running activities.

I’m curious whether defining a new goal would increase my motivation. Putting myself under pressure could also backfire… What about you – what keeps you motivated? I’d love to hear your experiences!


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