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There is no success without hardship

There is no success without hardship AnniewhereIgo

Oh yes, this is so true. Must be the story of my life. After last week’s success story, apparently it was time for me to hit bottom. I could have known – it was only a matter of time. Since my arrival in New Zealand, I asked a lot of my body. I ran on new terrain, tried new kinds of exercises and barely rested. But I also felt stronger and wanted to test my limits. On top of that, my 22k run made me feel invincible. And guess what, it seemed that I’m not.

I’m a hard learner

It’s always the same story – and yes, I said it before: I’m a hard learner. Every time I experience some kind of success, I want more. I just want to push it a little bit further in order to get the same rush again. Gosh, I’m just realising that this sounds pretty much like the habit of a drugs addict. Maybe it’s not that strange, as doing sports can also be highly addictive – you should be warned! Still, I don’t want to consider myself as an addict, that would be too scary. Anyway, last week after my 22k run, it felt like I could push my body a bit further, so I joined the Nike Training Club, did some Yoga, ran 10k twice, and also did an extra exercises session at home. The latter was probably a big mistake! As a result, I have a sore ankle since the weekend and this pretty much sucks.

Hitting bottom

Since Saturday I’m taking it very slow. In fact, I had no choice, since I could barely walk. I even had to cancel my NTC class on Monday. Looking back on last week seems so stupid now. How could I think that all these exercises would be a smart idea after the long run on Sunday? I must have been high on endorphins or something like that. Today, I wanted to give it another try, so I went out for a run. I started off very slow and it seemed to feel good. No pain at first. I almost felt relieved. However, only after a short 1.5k I knew it wouldn’t be any good, and I stopped to stretch it out. When I resumed my run, the pain in my ankle got worse and I decided to go for a walk instead. I don’t know what’s wrong with my ankle, but fact is, I’m not ready to run again. The last thing I want to do right now is to hurt myself even more, I’ve been down that path before.

At the moment it feels like I have to start from scratch, even though I know it won’t be the case. All I can do right now is trying to get better soon. I hate being in this situation, it’s so frustrating. Everything was going so well and now I have to start all over again? How to go further from here?

Listen to your body

I guess, I’ll just have to listen to my body and that is probably also the best advice to anyone else. If you feel tired, take your rest. If something in your body hurts, don’t push it any further, it might cause damage. I mean, we all know our own bodies the best. Your instinct will tell you whether something is wrong or not. But what I’ve also learned is that there is no success without hardship. It’s simply part of the game. Moreover, wouldn’t it be boring to always succeed in everything we do? All I can do right now is to learn from my failures and try to get stronger out of it. Of course, it’s always easier said than done, but I try to turn my current situation into something positive. Tomorrow, I’ll go to my Pilates class to see how it goes. I think I’ll be fine, though. The exercises we do in this class probably won’t be heavy on my ankle. I’m more worried about my next run attempt. Friday, I’ll give it another try to see if it goes any better. If not, I’ll take more rest and hopefully my ankle will heal by itself. Luckily, I still got quite some time until the North Shore Half Marathon. For now, the only priority is to run painless again. Stay tuned for my next update…

Who else is struggling with an injury at the moment? What is your way to deal with it? I would love to hear about your experiences!


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