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Back in Holland – What happened?

Holland AnniewhereIgo

Exactly one year ago, while Holland was celebrating the King’s birthday, I left everything behind in order to fulfil my biggest dream: live and work in New Zealand. That day, I said goodbye to my loved ones, not knowing when we would see each other again. Well, one thing I never imagined to happen is, that I would be separated from them for such a long time and actually achieving the goals I defined before I started this journey. But I also didn’t expect to be back in Holland around the same time one year later, not having my own place to live anymore, all my belongings stored in boxes, waiting for the completion of my very first house.  Continue Reading

New Zealand Running

Back on track

Back on track AnniewhereIgo

Since I receive more and more concerning messages, whether I’m still alive, it must be time for an update. Yes guys, hereby I declare myself alive and kicking, meaning I’m finally back on track. My sincere apologies for the absence lately! Even though I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, I still want to give you a little inside on the cause of my absence. Continue Reading

New Zealand Running

The bad luck continues

The bad luck continues AnniewhereIgo

As if I already haven’t had enough bad luck, yet it strikes again. Anyone who’s following me on social media might have noticed that I had a little accident this week. Instead of recovering from my ankle injury, some higher power apparently decided to take it a step further. So right now, not only my right ankle is injured, but also my big toe on the same side. Happy days! Continue Reading

New Zealand Travel

1 Month in Auckland – The Recap

1MonthInAuckland AnniewhereIgo

It’s June! A fresh new month with hopefully heaps of new opportunities. At the same time, the beginning of June marks the end of my very first month in Auckland as well. So, it’s time for a short recap. What are the things that I still like? And what about the things I don’t like? Has Auckland changed since the last time I’ve been here? Definitely yes, but also no. To give you an impression, I’ll sum up the things I’ve noticed until now. Continue Reading


Travelling to New Zealand: About the flights

Flight above Holland AnniewhereIgo

That travelling to the other end of the world – at least from a European perspective – isn’t just all about fun, already emerged from my previous post. Not only is it distance wise a huge end to travel to New Zealand, but it also comes with unexpected annoyances, you would never think of before. But luckily you’ve got me on your side, to warn you about these things and to protect you from making the same mistakes. Happy days! Continue Reading

New Zealand

About last week

Air New Zealand AnniewhereIgo

As you already must have noticed, last week I unfortunately didn’t manage to write an update before my departure to New Zealand. And to be honest, I knew that I probably wouldn’t manage, since I know myself well enough. Yes, 28 years and counting, and still thinking that I can do different. Who am I kidding?! Doing everything last minute is definitely my speciality, but this is just how it works, and it will probably never change. As I mentioned before, the last days I was pretty stressed out, therefore, writing wasn’t my priority number one. Yet, I would like to give you a short review from day to day, so you’re up to date again. Last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, that’s for sure. Continue Reading

New Zealand

Only less than a week until my departure

Auckland AnniewhereIgo

With only less than a week left until my departure to New Zealand, nerves are kicking in. On a scale from 1 to 10, my stress-level probably scores a 9 at the moment, or even a 10. My head seriously feels like it could explode every single second. Too many thoughts and emotions going on. Am I ready to go?  Continue Reading

New Zealand Travel

The countdown has started!

Aircraft Anniewhere I go

I just came back from a little goodbye tour for family and friends in Germany. The reason? I finally booked my flight to Auckland: 27th of April it is! On that day, we celebrate Kingsday in Holland, but this is certainly not the reason why I chose that exact date. In fact, I will miss out Holland’s greatest national party. Continue Reading

New Zealand

Visa status: from pending to approved

Sea view Auckland Anniewhere I go

And then it got real…I guess there’s no way back anymore. Without a second of hesitation I just applied for a Working Holiday Visa in order to stay in New Zealand for the upcoming year. Since almost 3 years I’m dreaming of going back to New Zealand, the country I fell in love with during my Masters fieldwork. It only took me a few clicks on the website of Immigration New Zealand, answering some questions about my health and character, some NZ dollars, 4 days of waiting, and suddenly it got real. I’m happy to announce that I’m officially allowed to work and travel in New Zealand for the next year – my visa got approved! At the same time, I’m even more excited that the approval of my visa also marks the launch of Anniewhere I go. I can say it’s truly the beginning of new adventures. Welcome to my very first blog post!

Continue Reading