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Let’s talk about: The change of season

TheChangeOfSeason AnniewhereIgo

A few weeks ago, when I left Holland to start my adventure in New Zealand, I was pretty much aware of the fact that I would be transiting from the spring season back home into autumn – or even worse – winter in New Zealand. Since I never experienced the autumn or winter season in New Zealand before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I looked up some information about the weather on the Internet, and also got some warning e-mails from my landlord lady, in which she reminded me several times to bring warm clothes – a bit concerning to be honest, since I knew that they don’t have central heating in the house. But more importantly, I was also curious about how my body would adapt to the change of season. Continue Reading

New Zealand Running

Monday Motivation #1

Monday Motivation AnniewhereIgo

Since my last post about the Half Marathon of Den Helder, and my posts about the Nike+ Run Club in Auckland, I haven’t really written about my running training lately. The reason? To be honest, there is no ‘real’ reason, accept that I still haven’t resumed my training scheme for the half marathon and I haven’t found the right routine yet. This is not only because I had to settle down first here in Auckland, and get used to the environment again. No, it’s also because I have a lot on my mind at the moment, which causes a lack of focus, and I still haven’t found a goal to train for. Despite all of that, my running is going surprisingly well. It’s time for some Monday motivation! Continue Reading

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Friday Favourites #1

Mount Eden Auckland AnniewhereIgo

Every day I stumble across new and interesting things here in Auckland. So, I thought it would be time to collect all my new discoveries and share them along with you. Welcome to my new weekly blog topic: Friday Favourites! To start off, here’s a list of this week’s favourites… Continue Reading

New Zealand Running

Running with the Nike+ Club in Auckland

Running Auckland by night AnniewhereIgo

Last Wednesday I went downtown to Britomart – where Aucklands major transportation hub is located – to join the Nike+ Run Club for an evening run. I already knew about their weekly running activities since I joined them before and kept following the Club ever since. I figured out that they still run every Wednesday at 18:00 and thought it would be a good way to get back on track and to meet some new people. So, I signed up online with my Nike+ account and decided to go for the 10k that evening. Continue Reading


Travelling to New Zealand: About the flights

Flight above Holland AnniewhereIgo

That travelling to the other end of the world – at least from a European perspective – isn’t just all about fun, already emerged from my previous post. Not only is it distance wise a huge end to travel to New Zealand, but it also comes with unexpected annoyances, you would never think of before. But luckily you’ve got me on your side, to warn you about these things and to protect you from making the same mistakes. Happy days! Continue Reading

New Zealand

About last week

Air New Zealand AnniewhereIgo

As you already must have noticed, last week I unfortunately didn’t manage to write an update before my departure to New Zealand. And to be honest, I knew that I probably wouldn’t manage, since I know myself well enough. Yes, 28 years and counting, and still thinking that I can do different. Who am I kidding?! Doing everything last minute is definitely my speciality, but this is just how it works, and it will probably never change. As I mentioned before, the last days I was pretty stressed out, therefore, writing wasn’t my priority number one. Yet, I would like to give you a short review from day to day, so you’re up to date again. Last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, that’s for sure. Continue Reading

New Zealand

Only less than a week until my departure

Auckland AnniewhereIgo

With only less than a week left until my departure to New Zealand, nerves are kicking in. On a scale from 1 to 10, my stress-level probably scores a 9 at the moment, or even a 10. My head seriously feels like it could explode every single second. Too many thoughts and emotions going on. Am I ready to go?  Continue Reading