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Only less than a week until my departure

Auckland AnniewhereIgo

With only less than a week left until my departure to New Zealand, nerves are kicking in. On a scale from 1 to 10, my stress-level probably scores a 9 at the moment, or even a 10. My head seriously feels like it could explode every single second. Too many thoughts and emotions going on. Am I ready to go?  Continue Reading

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Let’s talk about: My Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa Anniewhere I go

With the announcement that I’m leaving Holland, a lot of people asked me for how long exactly? A few months? A few years? Forever? Quickly followed by the question: this is only temporary, right? Don’t worry guys; I can reassure you that it’s far from easy to obtain a New Zealand residence permit. Or in other words: for most foreigners it’s almost impossible to stay in New Zealand forever. So, I have to disappoint you. You’ll probably see me back sooner than you wish.

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New Zealand

Visa status: from pending to approved

Sea view Auckland Anniewhere I go

And then it got real…I guess there’s no way back anymore. Without a second of hesitation I just applied for a Working Holiday Visa in order to stay in New Zealand for the upcoming year. Since almost 3 years I’m dreaming of going back to New Zealand, the country I fell in love with during my Masters fieldwork. It only took me a few clicks on the website of Immigration New Zealand, answering some questions about my health and character, some NZ dollars, 4 days of waiting, and suddenly it got real. I’m happy to announce that I’m officially allowed to work and travel in New Zealand for the next year – my visa got approved! At the same time, I’m even more excited that the approval of my visa also marks the launch of Anniewhere I go. I can say it’s truly the beginning of new adventures. Welcome to my very first blog post!

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