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Aircraft Anniewhere I go

I just came back from a little goodbye tour for family and friends in Germany. The reason? I finally booked my flight to Auckland: 27th of April it is! On that day, we celebrate Kingsday in Holland, but this is certainly not the reason why I chose that exact date. In fact, I will miss out Holland’s greatest national party. But I might get the chance to see Holland covered totally in orange from the sky, who knows. Anyway, on that Wednesday, the flights were also a bit cheaper compared to other days and it gives me just enough time to say goodbye to family and friends and to prepare all the stuff before I leave. However, for the attentive reader, this time I won’t fly with KLM, like the picture above suggests. More about that later.

Now I have a fixed date, and already a few tough goodbyes behind, it somehow feels different. Knowing that I’ll have limited time left with my loved ones, it makes me really sad. I questioned myself a hundred times whether I’m doing the right thing, whilst starting to count down the days. But I think that’s part of the process. No one loves to say goodbye, right? Instead, for the time being, I’ll try to enjoy every single day and make the most of it. With the upcoming spring season, I’d love to spend time outside, getting the first rays on my skin, while seeing blossoms and flowers to pop out. It’s just my kind of season.

Meanwhile, I’ll start making a list of all the stuff I want to take to New Zealand. With only 30kg baggage allowed, it will be quite a challenge. What do I really need? What to do with all my sports gear? Right now, it seems impossible to pack my whole life into only 30kg. I’ll have to collect all my stuff within the next weeks, but it will be also time to say goodbye to things I won’t need anymore. Thus, suitable for the season, I might have to do a little spring-cleaning as well. Hopefully I’ll manage. I’ll let you know!


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