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Visa status: from pending to approved

Sea view Auckland Anniewhere I go

And then it got real…I guess there’s no way back anymore. Without a second of hesitation I just applied for a Working Holiday Visa in order to stay in New Zealand for the upcoming year. Since almost 3 years I’m dreaming of going back to New Zealand, the country I fell in love with during my Masters fieldwork. It only took me a few clicks on the website of Immigration New Zealand, answering some questions about my health and character, some NZ dollars, 4 days of waiting, and suddenly it got real. I’m happy to announce that I’m officially allowed to work and travel in New Zealand for the next year – my visa got approved! At the same time, I’m even more excited that the approval of my visa also marks the launch of Anniewhere I go. I can say it’s truly the beginning of new adventures. Welcome to my very first blog post!

Even though I’m beyond excited about all the new things to come, I’ve also had my doubts, of course. I questioned myself whether this is the right timing or the right decision, knowing I will have to leave all my securities, family and friends for a longer period behind. And also starting a blog and writing about my adventures in public. Really? But then I realised that sometimes you just need to do certain things by following your heart. Yes, it can be scary and yes, it might go wrong. But what if I’d have regrets the rest of my life by not doing it? What I’ve learned from the past is that getting out of my comfort zone will not only allow me to grow as an individual, but will also bring new opportunities on my path. Sure, it’s always easier, and sometimes more comfortable, to stick to your own routines and stay within your trusted environment; surround yourself with the people you know best. But I like it different. I love to embrace the unknown.

So, what is my plan, now I’ve got my visa in the pocket? At the moment, I’m planning to go back to Auckland – the City of Sails. Google it, and you’ll know why they call Auckland like that. Having lived there for a couple of months – accompanied with many good memories – I know the city quite well and I like what it has to offer. From a multicultural population, lots of beautiful beaches, stunning outdoors, running trails, great food scene and cultural events to being the nations economic centre, Auckland has it all. I like the fact that you are always near the sea and that you can find less crowded places just around the corner, with all the convenient facilities and activities a city has to offer. Enough said, right?

However, I know that most people who travel to New Zealand often skip Auckland or just stay for a layover. Of course, New Zealand has so much to offer, especially for nature lovers, so it seems a waste of time to spend a few extra days in Auckland. But trust me, it’s totally worth it, as long as you know where to go. So, no worries, I’ll introduce you to all my favourite spots in Auckland later on to give you an impression of what the city has to offer.

But first things first. I still have a lot to organise before my adventure begins. Finding a place to stay is priority number one. Furthermore, I’d love to spend some quality time with my loved ones before I leave. And not to forget my busy running scheme. Gosh, I need more time…Besides, I haven’t booked my flight yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have a date. Until then, I’ll keep you updated with the organisational part and I’ll introduce myself a bit further by writing about the things I love. So, stay tuned!


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